Increasing House and Land price in Damak ! Why?

  • By: preposhan
  • August 7, 2023

Increasing House and Land price in Damak

Damak located at center of eastern region of Nepal is an attractive real estate investment destination for investors and buyers in Nepal. Located at a basement of high hills it connects different parts of Nepal that is why people are attracted towards Damak city rather than other buzzling cities.  Also See: city buyers making move to jhapa damak . 

With the increasing demand for land and houses in Damak, the value of real estate properties is also in pace to rise. In this blog we will explore why the price of real estate is increasing in Damak.

  • Population growth and Urbanization

People migrate in Damak from different rural areas for better opportunities. As the population increases there is increase in demand for housing. Damak is emerging city, and it cannot fulfill the demand for housing at present scenario. According to the supply and demand rule, when demand outpaces the supply, the things became valuable, and price automatically increases.

  • Limited Land Supply

As we all know, land is indestructible i.e., the supply of land is limited. The capacity of Damak to provide land for residence is limited but the demand of land in Damak is on rise. The scarcity of land drives up the price as developers and investors to compete for potential   land available in Damak city.

  • Investment and Potentiality

Real estate is frequently regarded as a secure and profitable investment option. Price increases may be influenced by potential buying. Investors purchase real estate with the hope of a future price increase. Damak city provides lots of potentiality for commercial as well as residential purposes which leads to the high appreciation of value of property in near future.

  • Infrastructure Development

Damak city provides you with greater amenities, connections, and transportation which increase the popularity of a location as a place to live or invest. Demand and property values may rise because of this greater desirability.

  • Broker culture

As real estate market in Nepal is unmanaged, people don’t know about the registered real estate agent and work with the local agents whose commission rates are high which ultimately increases the price of the property.

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