Impact of Migration on Rental Housing Demand in Damak

  • By: preposhan
  • August 17, 2023

Impact of Migration on Rental Housing Demand in Damak

In the years there have been notable migratory trends in Nepal. The socioeconomic environment of the country has seen dramatic changes because of migration. The houses in villages are countable in number, on the other hand, houses in cities are growing massively.  So is the case in “Damak” a developing city in Jhapa. See:  why city buyers making a move to Damak 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how the population movement has reshaped the housing market and presented possibilities in Damak.

  • Demand for rental accommodation has increased because of migration, in Damak. The need for housing alternatives has increased dramatically as individuals migrate in search of better job opportunities, higher levels of education, and higher living standards. The demand for rental residences has outpaced its supply which led to increased rental prices.
  • Housing shortages and an increase in rental costs are both results of the interaction between migration and demand for rental housing. Landlords have been enabled to raise rental prices due to the competitive nature of the housing market, where a greater pool of potential tenants competes. Which stands advantageous for investors who tend to have rental income.
  • Migration not only increases rental accommodation. It also works as a catalyst for rental commercial spaces. As the population increases, the demand for food, clothing, recreational activities, and different services increases. Which ultimately increases the demand for commercial space in rent.
  • Most of the students come here to Damak for their higher studies which gives rise to the demand for rental residence. Along with this, there is an increase in demand for office spaces for tuition centers, institutes, consultancies, and educational service providers.
  • Development has been sparked by migration in Damak. Property values rise when real estate investors invest in run-down communities, changing the urban landscape. While this process may result in better living and infrastructure.
  • Trend of Migration in Damak has fostered the demand for rental housing. You can see most of the houses are built on a flat-based system. Rental income is one of the finest sources of income without any risk or labor.


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