Property Alert!! Highly Commercial Land on Sale at Urlabari Main Market

  • By: preposhan
  • October 16, 2023

Property Alert!! Highly Commercial Land on Sale at Urlabari Main Market

Welcome to Purbeli Real Estate, the leading real estate in Nepal. In the journey of providing, you with different properties on sale all over Nepal, we are very excited to introduce you to the amazing plot of land on sale in the emerging city of Urlabari brought to you by Purbeli Real Estate.

Property Overview:

  • Land Area: 2 Katha 2 Dhur
  • Face: North / South
  • Face Size: 35 ft / 33 ft respectively
  • Road size/Types: 50 ft pitch Mahendra Highway
  • land Backside Road: 20 ft pitch road linked
  • Touched by Mahendra Highway
  • Price: 14 Lakh Per Dhur /-

Property Description

  • Location and Orientation

This beautiful plot of land with a land area of 2 Katha 2 dhur is in the Urlabari Municipality, 200m west of Urlabari Ring Road. This commercial land faces towards the South and the North with its 35 / 33 ft. wide face size respectively. Located at Urlabari’s main market this property offers you numerous investment prospects along with a high possibility of success.

  • Road Access

The property is touched by 50 ft. Mahendra Highway in the front and 20ft pitch road at the back. This offers the best marketplace for your business associated with shopping malls, department stores, Showrooms, Hotels, and so on. Considering the security at marketplaces, the land is compounded in all boundaries.

  • Land Prospects

 The property is located at the prime location of Urlabari. You can take the best advantage of this property by utilizing it at its optimum level. The land consists of two constructed buildings which is currently being used for iron business and currently, Rs.50,000/- rent per month is being collected.  Property is best suited for business. Also, you can have easy access to each service which adds convenience for residents. As Urlabari is a growing city, you can earn rental income through office spaces, business spaces, as well as residential flats.

  • Price and Contact

                        You can get this amazing land at Rs.14 Lakhs per Dhur. For details of the property or a visit to the property, you can contact the landowner directly at 9816394960 / 9852021044 or you may Contact us at 023-580777 for more information .  

Property Link : Click here !!!

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