Concept of Vaastu Shastra in Real Estate of Nepal

  • By: preposhan
  • July 3, 2023

Concept of Vaastu Shastra in Real Estate of Nepal

Vaastu Shastra has had a big impact on Nepalese civilization, especially when it comes to conventional construction and architecture. Vaastu principles have been used for generations in Nepal. Nepal, being a culturally rich country with deep-rooted traditions, has embraced Vaastu principles for centuries in building homes, temples, and other structures. Here are some effects of Vaastu Shastra on Nepalese society:

  • Traditional Architecture:

          In many rural and urban areas of Nepal, traditional architectural designs are influenced by Vaastu Shastra. The layout and orientation of buildings, including homes, palaces, and temples, are often aligned with Vaastu principles to ensure harmony and positive energy flow.


  • Religious Buildings:

    Vaastu Shastra principles are used in Nepal for building temples and other religious structures. These principles have an impact on the orientation and location of the main spiritual being or protection within a temple, the placement of holy items, and the layout of the temple complex.


  • Residential Buildings: 

Many Nepalese people still build their homes according to Vaastu principles. To design a balanced and harmonious living environment, they consider elements such as the direction of the main entry, the layout of rooms, and the placing of household goods.


  • City Planning:

Even in contemporary urban planning, several municipalities and urban development agencies in Nepal create public structures, parks, and other civic facilities using Vaastu principles.

  • Home design and astrology:

    In Nepal, Vaastu and astrology are frequently combined. Before buying property or planning a new home, people may contact astrologers or Vaastu specialists to make sure the location is fortunate and would bring their family success.


  • Cultural Events & Festivals:

        Various traditional rituals based on Vaastu Shastra principles are done during the construction of new structures, whether residential or public, to seek blessings and assure the success and well-being of the structure and its residents.

  • Social Customs:

    Vaastu Shastra influences Nepalese social practices as well. For instance, in traditional wedding rituals, the venue of the wedding ceremony and the bride and groom’s chamber are frequently selected based on Vaastu principles to ensure a happy and successful marriage.

   While Vaastu Shastra plays a crucial part in Nepalese culture, it is important to understand that people’s beliefs and devotion to its principles might differ. While some people adhere to Vaastu principles to the letter, others may adopt them as a part of their cultural history without being excessively precise about it.

The impact of Vaastu Shastra on modern buildings and urban planning may also be less pronounced than on traditional structures because of urbanization and modern architecture.

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