Mini-Commercial House for Sale in Urlabari-5: Happy Home at Your Doorstep

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  • August 27, 2023

Mini-Commercial House for Sale in Urlabari: Happy Home at Your Doorstep

Purbeli Real Estate the leading real estate in Nepal has come up with an interesting 2.5-story residential plus semi-commercial house for sale in a prime location of Urlabari at Urlabari -05, near Araniko Hospital.  The property was carefully constructed, making it suitable for both residential and business uses. Here we explore in detail about this manifesting property.

Property Description

The 2.5-story house sits on a big plot of 12.25 dhur of land .   This property is well-positioned to optimize natural light and ventilation throughout the day since it faces south and has a 20-foot-wide house front. Linked with a 28 ft pitch road at only 200 meters northeast of the Mahendra Highway the home ensures quick access and adds commercial value.  Whether you’re thinking about buying it for yourself or as an investment the ideal location provides the best of both worlds.

Physical Layout

The layout of the house was smartly planned to meet a variety of requirements. The ground level offers a pleasant area with a roomy living room and two luxurious bedrooms. A comfortable bathroom is also included on this floor, along with a multipurpose shutter that can be used as a workspace, a home office, or a storage place.

As you go up to the first floor, you’ll locate a welcoming living space with three spacious bedrooms. An additional restroom on this level provides convenience for all residents and visitors.

The second story has a well-designed kitchen that can accommodate cooking activities of any size. For extra convenience, this floor also has a second bathroom. This floor is finished with a multipurpose hall with plenty of room for parties, meetings, and leisure activities.


Cost and Valuation

This property contains tremendous potential for returns on investment due to its advantageous location, smart layout, and possibilities for both residential and commercial usage. This 2.5-storey house is Priced at a negotiable price of Rs.96 Lakhs. Additionally, the property can be exchanged with the land worth Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs.30 Lakhs adding some amount with  the land.


Purbeli Real Estate takes pleasure in offering a home that checks off all the right boxes, from setting and design to cost and potential.  Don’t pass on the opportunity to acquire one of the most desirable properties in Urlabari . To learn more about the opportunities this property offers, get in touch with Purbeli Real Estate right away.

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