Prevailing Land Measurement Systems in Different Parts of Nepal

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  • July 4, 2023

Prevailing Land Measurement Systems in Different Parts of Nepal- Nepali Land Calculator

Our Country Nepal is a small but ethnically, culturally, and topographically diverse country. Due to its variance in topographical structure, the land measurement system has been a crucial part of Nepal.

So, the Nepalese government has developed a unique set of measurement systems that are used to determine “Jagga ko Nap “.

In Nepal, the metric system has been the official standard since 1968 but rather than this other units of measurement are still in practice. The metric system in Nepal follows the International Systems of Units (SI). The unit of measurement commonly used is the square meter. These types of systems are commonly used in urban areas.

We use different traditional systems of the measurement of land. In hilly regions, we use the Ropani-Aana-Paisa-Dam system. In the Terai region, we use the Bigha-Kattha-Dhur system. These Systems are not based on metric units but rather on traditional units of measurement. The conversions from the traditional to the metric system vary.

The following is a partial list of everyday units used to calculate Land measurement in Nepal.

1 Bigha (बिघा) = 20 Kattha (कठ्ठा) = 6772.63 m² = 72900 sq.ft. = 13.31 Ropani

1 Katha (कठ्ठा) = 20 Dhur (धुर) = 338.63 m² = 3645 sq.ft.

1 Dhur (धुर) = 16.93 m² = 182.25 sq.ft.

1 Ropani (रोपनी) = 16 Aana (आना) = 64 Paisa (पैसा) = 508.72 m² = 5476 sq.ft. = 256 Daam (दाम) = 4 llka[4]

1 Aana (आना)= 4 Paisa (पैसा) = 31.80 m² = 342.25 sq. ft. = 16 Daam (दाम)

1 Paisa (पैसा) = 4 Daam (दाम) = 7.95 m² = 85.56 sq. ft.

1 Daam (दाम) = 1.99 m² = 21.39 sq. ft.

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  • Terai region

In the Terai region, Bigha-Kattha-Dhur land measurement system is commonly used. Bigha is the largest unit in this measurement system. The customary units follow:

20 Dhur = 1 Kattha

20 Kattha = 1 Bigha

  • Unit conversions for the Terai language

Units of Measurement in Square Feet and Square Meters

1 Dhur = 16.93 m2 = 182.25 sq.ft.

20 Dhur=1kattha= 338.62 m2 = 3,645 sq. ft.

20 Kattha = 1 Bigha = 6772.41 m2 = 72900 sq. ft

* There are some other land measurement systems used in the Terai region which are rarely in use. They are: *

  • Murabba System

The Terai area of Nepal uses the Murabba method for land measurement. The following units form its foundation:

1 Murabba = 25 Bighas= 1,69,315.25 m2

1 Biswa = 20.31 m2  

  • Nepal’s Gaz System for Land Measurement

In the Terai area of Nepal, the Gaz system is in use. The following units form its foundation:

1gaz= 0.9144 meters or 3 feet  

One Square Gaz is equal to 9.2 square feet or 0.8361 square meters.

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  • Hilly and mountainous regions

      Ropani-Aana-Paisa-Dam is the most used traditional system of land measurement in the hilly and mountain regions of Nepal. Ropani is the largest unit of this land measurement system. The customary units follow:

4 dam(daam) = 1 Paisa

4 paisa = 1 Aana

16 Aana = 1 Ropani

  • Mountainous conventional unit conversions

Divisions of units in square meters square feet:

1Dam = 1.99 m2 =21.39 sq.ft

4Dam = 1 Paisa = 7.95 m2= 85.56 sq.ft

4 Paisa = 1Ana = 31.80 m2 = 342.25 sq.ft

16 Aana = 1 Ropani = 508.74 m2 = 5476 sq. ft


1 ropani is equal to 74 ft*74ft.

13 ropani per bigha.

1 kattha is equal to 338 square meters or 442 square yards.

The population of Nepal is growing day by day. Due to the limited capacity of land, it is not sufficient to address the present demand for land. So, the land is being plotted in very small units to meet the demand for land from this large population.

Nepal has a distinct set of measuring methods that are used to establish the country’s boundaries and the measurement of its territory. The Ropani-Anna-Paisa-Dam system is the most widely used system, followed by the Metric System.

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